Yes! I want to support Presencia's mentoring staff! image

Yes! I want to support Presencia's mentoring staff!

Give, run or share to support vulnerable immigrant families.

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Run for Immigrants

Our mentoring staff consists of 7 young adults who grew up in our neighborhood. They work tirelessly in difficult circumstances to tutor, mentor, and develop a new generation of leaders among the children of immigrants in Atlanta.

These young people are a lifeline for our neighborhood, maintaining contact with families under our care, helping children navigate new learning conditions, and connecting neighbors in crisis with much-needed resources. Their work with Presencia helps sustain their families and keeps them growing in their leadership roles.

Now runners, hikers, and friends can help support our young staff! In the wake of canceled races and social distancing, your solo efforts can make a big difference. You can donate or organize a challenge of your own to raise funds to support our staff.

Our Co-Founder and Director of Communication, Ian North, is marking his birthday by running around his apartment complex parking lot 50 times. He writes the following:

"Runners love the pursuit of Fastest Known Times (FKTs) on popular routes. I’m not all that fast, so I’m more into getting OKTs (Only Known Times) on routes no one else would ever want to do. This year on my birthday, April 1, I plan to run an OKT of 50 laps around my apartment complex parking lot, for a total of 40 miles. You can help me celebrate by making a donation to Presencia or stopping in to join me for a socially-distanced lap or two."

Will you join Ian in his efforts by making a donation, starting your own fundraiser, running a lap with him, or coming out to cheer him on? This will be a visible display of our love and support for our immigrant neighbors in the COVID-19 crisis.

Donors can leave a public note to recognize the runners they are sponsoring through their gift!

This is one thing we CAN do!