Yes! I will feed hungry children during the coronavirus crisis. image

Yes! I will feed hungry children during the coronavirus crisis.

Donate today and provide a $100 grocery gift card to each family in our Presencia program!

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Generousity in the Face of Coronavirus

With school closings due to COVID-19, our families are experiencing the unexpected financial burden of increased food need on an already tight budget.

We want to extend the invitation to our Presencia supporters to help us provide $100 grocery gift cards to Aldi to each of our Presencia families. Most of our families shop there, and it is walking distance from our neighborhood.

The children in our program usually eat breakfast and lunch at school and dinner at Presencia’s tutoring program on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We believe gift cards are the best way to meet a practical need, honor dignity, and keep families safely together at home.

They alleviate an urgent financial burden as well, keeping more families in the neighborhood so that we can continue our work of mentoring, tutoring, and leadership development.

Our Presencia staff will deliver these cards as we receive the funds to provide them!

Will you help us meet this time-sensitive need?

Through this crisis, we provide essential care for our neighbors day-by-day in the following ways:

1- Give grocery gift cards to Presencia families in need

2- Provide work, training and pay to our Presencia Staff

3- Check in with Presencia families and connect them with resources through community partners

4- Provide school supplies, activity books, crafts and games that our kids can do from home

We want to support active brains, creative minds and healthy bodies in our little ones during this season!

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Presencia Staff: Right to Left, Jeniffer (Program Assistant Manager), Marco, Angel, Scarlet, Amy, and Natalia (Program Mentors).

Presencia Staff: Wanda (Program Manager)