Yes! I will help Presencia give the life-changing gift of presence to the children of immigrants. image

Yes! I will help Presencia give the life-changing gift of presence to the children of immigrants.

Double the impact of your gift through a matching grant between now and the end of 2019!

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Rose’s Story: The Power of Loving Presence

Rose* came to my apartment with her sisters as a young child. My husband and I helped her with her homework, shared meals with her, prayed with and for her, and cared for her through elementary school.

As she grew up, we saw Rose coaching younger students. She persistently loved at-risk kids and helped us mentor them. When she was old enough, we hired Rose to work as part of Presencia’s tutoring staff. In that role, she was able to build community, begin processing some of the traumas she suffered as a child, and give back to younger students in similar circumstances.

Earlier this year, unable to pay rent in the face of work and immigration issues, Rose’s family was evicted. They took what they could from their apartment and moved a family of six into one room of an extended-stay motel. They stayed there for six months while they worked to secure a new home.

Throughout this crisis, Rose helped our students with their homework, shared meals with them, prayed with and for them, and cared for them through elementary school. Presencia gave her a space to thrive and share love with others even during a difficult season. The money she earned from her work with us helped situate her family to find a new home and move in.

Her faithfulness as part of the Presencia team make her presence a priceless gift to these students. In another ten years, some of them will be doing the same for another generation.

Our six tutoring staff form the heart of our work. They provide the loving presence, mentoring, and tutoring that the children of immigrants need to thrive. They come from our neighborhood, so they have a special awareness of the challenges and potential of our students.

Earlier this year, through the support of our donors, we were able to move our work into a new apartment to give our staff more ownership of the work and better space for tutoring and mentoring.

Now our hope at the year end is to raise $25,000 to sustain, support, train and hire our tutoring staff for the coming year. A generous donor has offered to match every dollar given up to that goal, turning $25,000 into $50,000! Will you double the impact of your gift and help us?

Thank you for being a part of the Presencia family!

With love,

Ruth Ann North
Executive Director

* Name changed to preserve dignity