Healthy children become healthy leaders who contribute to healthy community! image

Healthy children become healthy leaders who contribute to healthy community!

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Help Young Leaders Bloom

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Inspired by the immigrant journey, Presencia develops leaders who see the beauty in themselves and recognize it in others.

Through an after-school program, social enterprise, and housing initiatives, youth thrive, grow and lead with love.

At Presencia, we work to live in a world where children are affirmed, nurtured, and given the opportunity to do the same for their neighbors.

No matter how young, old, wealthy, poor, documented, or undocumented each person has something beautiful that deserves to be shared in healthy community.

We work according the the priorities of PEOPLE, PLACES, and THINGS. In that order.

Our priority for people means we steward our resources carefully, making sure that we have enough to sustain and grow our relationships over time.

$25 provides fresh fruit and a healthy snack to one child in our program after school for a month.

$100 provides incentives, a birthday gift and a Christmas gift for one child for a year.

$500 provides a field trip experience for one of our Presencia pods (about 12 children) during the school year.

$1,000 provides one program mentor with a month’s paid hours, giving them the opportunity to lead with love in their community. Our program mentors grew up as program participants and are now in high school, college or working to provide for their own families!

$2,000 provides one months rent and utilities, so we can keep opening our door to the little ones in our community.

$5,000 provides extracurricular activities like art class, gym days, and performing arts camps for 50 children in our program for one quarter.

$10,000 provides a consistent, loving mentor and 16 hours of homework help for 50 children in our program for a month.