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Help Young Leaders Bloom

Loving Presence Over Time Changes Lives

$139,775 raised

$160,000 goal

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Over our 15 years in the Buford Highway neighborhood, we cultivated loving community that affects generations. Some of our program staff were toddlers when we started. Wanda, one of our first students, now directs our programs and has a son in Presencia. Our own kids each participate in a pod.

In this season, our staff and students are blooming. After 14 years in our program, Wanda is eager to step into a full-time role as our program director. Katie is in college to study psychology so she can practice with Presencia. A few high school students are preparing to step into staff positions.

To take these life-changing steps in the coming year, we need to raise $160,000 so that we can grow and sustain staff positions, develop our team, and equip a new generation to lead.

This work takes love over time. Like a garden, it will flourish as long as we tend it with intention, attention, and care. Will you consider joining our community to keep this garden growing?